Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids is an after-school program developed by Sacred Road to address the educational needs of kids on the Yakama Reservation. The program is designed to help the children:

· Grow in their faith and in their relationship with God and others

· Build learning skills

· Develop a sense of responsibility for their learning

· Set expectations and learning goals for themselves

· Become independent, self-motivated learners

Kids in the program get homework help and opportunities to further their learning through art, music, nature exploration, and hands-on projects.


We've seen many positive changes and breakthroughs experienced by kids in the program! God is using Kingdom Kids to change children's lives here, and we're seeing our kids grow in confidence, maturity, and leadership as we spur them on to grow as students and followers of Jesus.

· Brianna, 5th grade, has been in the program for two years, and has shown consistent effort on her homework throughout.

· Gerald is new to Kingdom Kids, and has been working hard on his homework for the first time, excited about the support he's getting and the success he's experiencing.

· Jesse has been in Kingdom Kids half a school year, starting without much confidence in his abilities as a student. We've seen incredible effort from him and the emergence of some new reading and math skills.


Kingdom Kids is funded through $30/month sponsorships, pairing each child in the program with an adult or family who prays for them and receives quarterly updates on their progress in the program. We are always in need of sponsors. Please contact Jesse Dempsen at or 509-930-9142 for information on how you can sponsor a child's participation in Kingdom Kids.